who we are

We at Xeobrain, would like to introduce us as the premier company that is into 'Business Process Automation' with a rich legacy of 12 years. What in 2007 started off as a small Startup is now operating as a full-fledged Company in the queen of Arabian Sea, Kochi. The Company received its motto “Digital Transformation” and is promoting research and development activities in Business Process Automation using various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics..etc We have a set of well bred teams for the ease of bridging from traditional business to Technology enabled business namely Training & Consulting Team, Creative & Art Team and Coding & Development Team. Xeobrain X Labs, is the primary platform, especially for the Research and Development activities.

Innovation 100%
Security 99.9%
Professionalism 100%
Trust 100%
Support 100%

why you will choose Xeobrain

A helping hand for Feasibility Study of your business

We are equipped with highly talented pool of professional Technology Consultants for conducting Feasibility Study / Market Study to know the possibility of your new idea of business. Your connection to Xeobrain, therefore, turn out to be an extra help and profitable one to your business and marketing. Xeobrain is ready to hold paid / free of cost feasibility study as per the situations and needs of the time.

Low Cost Requirement Setup

The cost will be too higher to create projects for meeting the requirements of customer who knows nothing /less about technology. There is the place of Xeobrain. Xeobrain is committed to create projects integrating every minute aspect of your requirements cost effectively assisted and directed by our Techno_experts.

Agile Process Development

Xeobrain is using the very successful systematic method of Agile Process Development, from the moment it receives your requirement until it is delivered to the customer. It is a user friendly method that makes creation of projects a bit faster. Mistakes and faults can be corrected as early as possible using this method, which will make you happier ever.

Original Content Creation

As you know Copy Right is strictly followed in this technological era. It is purely against the law to use copy protected items without permission. Abided by the law, Xeobrain is strictly using only the original image, text and video contents in its projects so as to keep the credibility of our customers and to run the promotional campaigns through Digital Advertisement Agencies / Social Media Network easily and successfully. We will only be using the original images either purchased from Art Agencies or designed and drawn by our own skilled artists.The idea of contents shall also be your's own or of the artists of Xeobrain with your prior information and permission.

Security & Technologies

We strive to make the state-of-the-art technology and the latest security solutions available for your project as per your demand and need. It is mandatory for us to inform you the full details of the technology and security solutions that we use to create your project.

Service & Support

Xeobrain has taken serious efforts to make sure all our customers are given prompt attention towards their concerns over maintenance and after sales service that is discussed and agreed between us before the beginning of our project. Annual Maintenance Contract and Future Update Packages are also available from us.

We are so happy to associate with Xeobrain. A finest solution for all your IT problems. An ultimate source to trust and rely on. Thanks Team Xeobrain.

- Nadish Muhammed Puthiyedath - Co-Founder & Chief Trainer, makemytalk, BANGALORE

The Innovation, Superior Competence, Prioritization to Timely Response and Effectiveness the team Xeobrain employs is really pleasing. Delivering your service at the very reasonable cost completes the value equation


The team transformed the way we do business. Looking forward to associate many-more years. thanks Xeobrain.

- Rajesh Kumar KK - Chirman, Tharangini Gold & Silver, INDIA

Xeobrain crafted a new miles stone for our company. we’ve been associating with xeobrain since 2018 and I have to say that our time and money spent on xeobrane was not waste.